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“Almost three years ago my internist sent me to One Physical Therapy and Wellness based on a flare-up of my fibromyalgia and the care needed since I had previously had a spinal fusion. As a Physical Therapy patient who is now pain free I have progressed to an active participant in their Back Care Classes and I have learned and understand the Pilates-based strategies that can, and do, eliminate the pain and discomfort of both fibromyalgia and a spinal fusion.  I am a LIFER at One Physical Therapy and Wellness.” Sue M.
“My family are all very active and, as such, have suffered from the occasional sports-related injury over the years. My husband, middle school aged-daughter and I have all had the fortunate experience of getting to know the physical therapists at One PT who have helped each of us overcome injury and achieve the strength and stability needed to return to our normal active lives. The physical therapists at One PT are, in my experience, unique in their deep understanding of body mechanics which enables them to better identify an injury, the cause of injury, how best to repair injury and, most importantly, to teach their patients how to use proper body mechanics to avoid future injury. And they are super nice people too. That’s a rare combination in the healthcare world today. “ Pat W.
“Thanks for not only helping me feel myself again but transitioning me back to exercising with new skills in Pilates. If that isn’t enough, I love the small classes with instructors who really watch that you don’t injure yourself. I feel like I’ve found the best little community at One!” Lenore S.
“Whoever coined the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has never met PT Meghan Tierney Lash or her staff of PTs and certified Pilates teachers. To a person, this group of highly qualified professionals is attentive, knowledgeable, sensitive, and dedicated to the well-being and education of every person in their care and treatment…. Four years ago the word “Pilates” meant, for me, “a mysterious and seemingly impossible exercise program for women.” Today, that same word means “a life-saving and life-enhancing program that is designed for men and women to enrich their lives.” I cannot emphasize enough what Meghan, Suzy, Krista, Katie, Talia, Bonnie, Becky, Chip and Raven, in addition to Donna, Lynn and Michele mean to me.  They are family.” Richard C.
“Physical Therapy was part of my rehab following shoulder surgery for a “frozen” shoulder. I was very lucky & grateful to have Meghan as my primary therapist for the 3+ months of sessions. Meghan impressed me with her knowledge, professionalism and sincere interest in helping me get better. I can honestly say that I looked forward to going to Physical Therapy because I knew it was helping me and I was working with someone that truly cared. Thanks Meghan for helping me get back on the golf course!” Kevin P.
“I have been cursed with 2 bad knees which resulted in minor surgery where I needed PT. My first experience was with Meghan. She is, in my book, a top PT professional. Her dedication allowed me to return to my business faster then expected, which saved me money to hire a subcontractor to cover my business.
By the second surgery there was no question who I wanted to help me rehab. Once again Meghan worked me hard and allowed me to recover from my disability.
I can not praise Meghan enough for here knowledge, advice and professionalism which I know will bring her continued success. Meghan will always be my go to pro to take care of my knees.” George G.
“I was involved in a head on crash last year while working for the Marple Township Police Department. I suffered neck injuries due to this accident and after an initial hospital visit I met with Meghan Tierney who was my physical therapist assigned to “fix” me. Being my nature, I did not want to be there, thought I could fix myself, etc… From the 1st visit on I was treated like a friend, made to feel comfortable with the treatment, the staff and was very impressed by Meghan’s professional knowledge and caring attitude. I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone; (including my own mom) who needs this type of care.” Barry W.
“Meghan Tierney is a superb physical therapist. She is skilled, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She uses her knowledge in a very targeted way, focusing on the specific needs of the client and the particular issue being treated. She has helped me on more than one occasion, always successfully. Seeing her is always fun too.” Seth F.
“Meghan is the best PT I’ve ever worked with. I’m an acupuncturist and know a lot of healthcare providers, and I would choose Meghan over anyone else. My profession requires me to look down for several hours of the day causing my neck to flare up from time to time. Meghan knows just how to fix it! Not only is she a great PT, but she is fun and professional at the same time. This is why I not only trust her to treat me, but refer all my patients to her as well.” Christina B.

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