Welcome to One Physical Therapy and Wellness!  We’re a unique physical therapy clinic that specializes in delivering one-on-one care in a nurturing setting, as well as using Pilates as a form of treatment.  We believe that recovering from your injury isn’t the end of the journey, so we also are a full service Pilates studio, offering private and semi-private sessions as well group classes.  It is our aim to provide a place where anyone in the community can come to feel better, stronger and healthier.


*** We will not be holding MIXED LEVEL MAT CLASS tonight 7/15/14 at 7 pm.  We are so sorry for any inconvenience!  Come see us bright and early tomorrow for Mixed Level Mat at 8 am ***


The BASI Comprehensive Training Course is coming to Bryn Mawr in 2014!!!

Modules 1-3: April 25-27

Modules 4-6: May 30-June 1

Modules 7-9: July 11-13

Modules 10-12: August 15-17

(Class times are Friday 12-7, Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 9-4)

For more information about BASI Pilates or to register please go to www.BASIpilates.com.

Do you need Physical Therapy?

So you may know that physical therapy is something prescribed by your doctor when you have a major injury or surgery.  But what about that nagging neck thing that has bothered you for years or that wobbly ankle that is preventing you from going back to the gym?  Wellness is a choice, so come on in and let us help you get  back on track...

Back Care Pilates

Pilates-based Mat class designed for the post-rehab patient, especially for those with a history of back pain. It is also ideal for those wanting a gentle introduction to Pilates. Taught by a Physical Therapist and includes gentle core stabilization and stretching.

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